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Acarospora bornmuelleri Steiner

IUCN Threat Status: 
Data Deficient
E Record

Iran: Semnan, Semnan district: 40 km ENE of Semnan along road to Damghan.Alt. 1950 m. Artemisia steppe with conglomerate boulders and cliff, 35° 44,77' N, 53° 41,65' E. 25 Oct. 2007, H. Sipman (HS5515) , M. Sohrabi, U. Søchting and R. Zare. & IRAN, B]. Garmsar district: NW of Garmsar, 10 km N of Eyvanekey towards Ahmad Abad. Alt. 1300 m. Soft sandstone rocks among fields along stream in steppe area. On sandstone stone. 35° 25,78' N, 52° 08,75' E. 24 Oct. 2007, H. Sipman (HS55122), M. Sohrabi (MS9244, MS9251), U. Søchting and R. Zare. [Herb. M. Sohrabi & IRAN, B].    Submitted: 2/25/2010 23:33:01-34:27